Turkish Simit + a Traditional Turkish Breakfast

simit 3

I just got back from an unbelievable trip to one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse countries on earth: Turkey.  A country that spans both Europe and Asia, Turkey is incredibly rich in its culture and history, and is a culinary paradise for any foodie looking to taste flavors of the Mediterranean, mixed with Middle Eastern dishes that have been a staple for hundreds (even thousands) of years.  Each region of the country is unique in its landscape, but the flavors and ingredients that distinctly define Turkish cuisine stay relatively consistent everywhere you go.   Continue reading

Sour Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

ImageIs it just me, or did summer seem to fly by? I’m sure I probably say this every year right around Labor Day, but for some reason, this summer seemed to move particularly fast.  Though normally I’m a bit sad to see summer close up shop, the crisp, perfect fall air that we’re starting to experience in New York is getting me very excited for the coming months, particularly for all the amazing things I can make in the kitchen.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big advocate for cooking and baking with fresh, local ingredients when I can – and in order to do that, most produce has to be in season.  Of course I love all the fruits and veggies that summer provides, but most of my favorites actually come into season in the fall:  crisp apples, sweet acorn squash, and tart cranberries are just a few ingredients I’m already dreaming up recipes for.   Continue reading